This is a great collaboration between MFU and Uncommon to jointly develop and make good things for society by providing opportunities for university students to be able to participate in volunteer activities for social development at anytime, anywhere.

Discovery : If you are an MFU student, you can take part in our premier online volunteer activities or general volunteer activities. You can also become a part-time volunteer in a project or network in UNCOMMON.

Certification : Volunteers are able to request a certificate. If participating in the event through the website that is a collaboration between MFU and UNCOMMON, there is a fee of only 31 baht for creating and storing per one online certificate

lease make understand the guidelines

Uncommon International Group is a network for social development. We run variety kinds of projects that affects the positive and creative results for the society since 2018. By the length of time that we've spent for improving society and solve social issues, right now, we open this network for international level or worldwide.

To be a part of us is easy. Most of our projects are online. You can be participated in any activities or projects easily by a simple registration and proceeding.

We also support volunteers by sharing good ideas and provide voluntary jobs for them, so the volunteers are able to make their own projects.

There’s a lot more interesting things to do or discover in Uncommon. Register as a volunteer and discover what you can do to change this world together!